Here is Our Frequently Asked Question section. If you dont find your question or answer please email us at:

Q: Why are your prices so competitive?

A: Because we buy directly in the factory and only add up our mark up for administration, testing & quality inspection. We keep a very lean organization structure that enables us to keep prices low.

Q: When your prices are so competitive how do I know if the quality is ok?

A: Before shipment we will perform an Inspection by a third party laboratory such as TUV or SGS who will ensure that the product is up to our and your standards. We will also send you this report before shipment release. Also you may order a sample here of the specific product before order placement to check the quality of the product and then decide if you would like to place an order with us. 

Q: How can I pay for my order?

A: Currently we offer the following preferred payment terms: TT with 30% Down-payment / 70% after shipment. Alternatively we offer L/C at sight or DAP (Documents against Payment).  Please discuss this with us through

Q: What kind of shipment possibilities can you provide?

A: We can offer you to deliver FOB (free on board) meaning you have to take care of shipment (you will have that option when placing the order) or we can offer you shipment to your doorstep in different forms.

Q: Will I get an order confirmation or some form of payment confirmation?

A: Yes! We will send you an order confirmation within 48 hours. The order confirmation will also point out your expected delivery time. 

Q: Can I pay partially with deposit and the rest upon delivery? 

A: YES, definitely! Please discuss this with us through

Q: What is Cage Sents?

A: Cage Sents is a company with the vision to bring you and your customers great quality at highly affordable prices. 

Q: What are your MOQ's ?

A: Usually there is an MOQ of 200-500pieces per item/color

Q: I am an importer and your MOQ seems rather low compared to other companies. Why is that?

A: We combine orders from Customers and usually fill them only with the factory when our internal MOQ per color/item is reached.

Q: Can I have my own packaging or brand?

A: Not at this moment. We aim to delivery as fast as possible. With our existing packaging in English we provide a fast solution for you at very competitive prices. Generally to have your own packaging or brand we ask you for a MOQ of 1,000 pieces. If you have larger orders, please discuss this with us through

Q: Why does it take a minimum of 3 months to deliver my order?

A: Buying directly from the factory has 1 very significant advantage: low purchasing costs. The disadvantage is obviously the time one has to wait for the factory to purchase raw material, process the order, assembly of the product, customs and shipping declarations and last but not least there is a 25-35 day delivery window when your cargo is shipping at sea but that will be significantly reduced if you do it by air