Ganda Foundation is a Charity Organisation close to our hearts at Cage Sents. Solely because of what the Organisation stands for and the tremendous work they carry out in deprived rural areas of Uganda, Africa.

We were drawn to select Ganda Foundation as our sponsored Charity due to the tireless work of the three charismatic founders.

The founders are part of a delightful musical entity called the “GANDA BOYS” who have unselfishly given there time and resources to the cause.

The Ganda Boys were in 2010 nominated for one of the prestigious Bafta awards and in 2009 for the RTS musical award in England.

Through the various fundraising projects they have carried out around the world, they have been able to raise an enormous amount of funds to enable the resettling of refugees from Uganda, South Sudan and the surrounding war torn countries, over seeing the restocking of equipment and rebuilding of both run down hospitals/ schools in deprived areas of Uganda.

We nominate Ganda Foundation with great pride to be our sponsored charity.

To find out more about Ganda Foundation, the good work they do and to make a donation please click on this link:

Ganda Foundation is a Charity registered in England and Wales 1158040.