Universal Remote Control duplicator Model: YET 084

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Universal Remote Control duplicator Model: YET 084

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  • APPLICATION: Electrical garage doors, motorcycles, car alarm products, home alarm security products, short-range wireless remote control products, industrial remote control products, electrical windows, curtains, lights, gates
  • PROGRAMMABLE: Simple, wireless programming gets you connected fast. CHANNEL WIRELESS REMOTE CONTROL DUPLICATOR
  • LONG LASTING: Never stop moving with a replaceable lithium battery.
  • COMPACT: Mini design fits your pocket and active lifestyle
  • Our Mini key chain Remote is designed to fit in with your constantly moving life. It's compact enough to bring along if you're popping out for a jog, taking the dog for a walk, or even giving the kids access when they come home from school. The perfect accessory to keep your active home moving whether you're coming or going.


    • Material: Plastic+metal
    • size:67.9mm-37.4mm-15.6mm
    • weight:0.04kg
    • operating voltage - DC6V
    • Operating current - 12mA
    • Operating frequency - 433.92MHZ
    • Transmit power - >=10mW
    • Transmission speed - 50-75KHz
    • Frequency windage - +\-0.2 MHz
    • Transmission distance - 50-100 metres (open space) 
    • The encoding type: self Copy


    • The essential condition for selection of the remote control: the original remote control operates normally, chip is compatible and frequency is correct. 
    • Before you copy , please use the right frequency remote control , by that we mean that The duplicator is 433mhz make sure your original remote is also 433mhz otherwise it will not work
    • Before buying, please make sure existing code has been cleared, otherwise, it can not be copied
    • In order to avoid interference during the operation. Please keep away from things like mobile telephones, transmission products, wireless routers when copying electronic signals. 
    • Make sure your remote control has enough power, when copying and ensure the distance between two remotes is close. 
    • Please refer to the diagram in PICTURE number 4 which shows you how to copy the codes. 
    • PLEASE NOTE, this UNIVERSAL remote control can ONLY clone FIXED CODES or LEARNING CODES and NOT ROLLING CODES. This is really important to keep in mind. 


    • 1x Clone Remote Control
    • 1x Key Chain
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