Universal Remote Control duplicator Model:YET017

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Universal Remote Control duplicator Model:YET017

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  • UNIVERSAL: Works with most major garage/gates brands to keep your busy life moving.PLEASE NOTE, this remote control can ONLY clone FIXED CODES or LEARNING CODES and NOT ROLLING CODES. This is really important to keep in mind.
  • PROGRAMMABLE: Simple, wireless programming gets you connected fast. CHANNEL WIRELESS REMOTE CONTROL DUPLICATOR
  • APPLICATION: Electrical garage doors, motorcycles, car alarm products, home alarm security products, short-range wireless remote control products, industrial remote control products, electrical windows, curtains, lights, gates
  • LONG LASTING: Never stop moving with a replaceable lithium battery.
  • COMPACT: Mini design fits your pocket and active lifestyle

Product Description


• Material: Plastic+metal
• size:67.9mm-37.4mm-15.6mm
• weight:0.04kg
• operating voltage - DC6V
• Operating current - 12mA
• Operating frequency – 433.92MHZ
• Transmit power - >=10mW
• Transmission speed – 50-75KHz
• Frequency windage - +\-0.2MHz
• Transmission distance – 50-100metres (open space) 
• Decoder IC: All learning code/fixed code. (All manufacturers) Such As: 2260(All manufacturers)/2262(All manufacturers)/PT2264/5326(All manufacturers)/SC5262/HT600/HT680/HT6207/HT6010/HT6012/HT6014/SMC918 series/527(All manufacturers)/1527(All manufacturers)/2240(All manufacturers) and so on.


• The essential condition for selection of the remote control: the original remote control operates normally, chip is compatible and frequency is correct. 
• Before you copy , please use the right frequency remote control , by that we mean that The duplicator is 433mhz make sure your original remote is also 433mhz otherwise it will not work
• Before buying, please make sure existing code has been cleared, otherwise, it can not be copied
• In order to avoid interference during the operation. Please keep away from things like mobile telephones, transmission products, wireless routers when copying electronic signals. 
• Make sure your remote control has enough power, when copying and ensure the distance between two remotes is close. 
• Please refer to the diagram in PICTURE number 4 which shows you how to copy the codes. 
• PLEASE NOTE, this UNIVERSAL remote control can ONLY clone FIXED CODES or LEARNING CODES and NOT ROLLING CODES, special fixed code can not be cloned.. This is really important to keep in mind. 


• 1x Clone Remote Control
• 1x Key Chain

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